Our Team


Our Development Team is like the engine that kicks off everything. Our team operates dynamically, delivering sophisticated software solutions to our production platform on a daily basis. Our focus remains committed on the quality, accuracy, and maintainability, ensuring that each product we deploy is to the highest standard. We are EDI Subject Matter Experts, bridging the technical landscape with the broader business needs. We actively engage with internal stakeholders, whilst offering invaluable insights and guidance.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is critical to assuring the faultless delivery of our software solutions. Our QA team take an active role in projects to ensure quality considerations are defined into the requirements and design processes. Our team approach testing carefully by completely analysing every aspect of the product, including functionality, usability, performance, security, and compatibility. To increase efficiency, we automate repetitive and important test cases, particularly for regression testing.

Collaboration is essential, and our QA team promotes open communication amongst the business and other stakeholders to ensure issues are addressed quickly and effectively. By establishing a thorough feedback loop, our QA team guarantees that we learn from any failures, preventing similar issues from recurring in future projects. Continuous learning is a major principle at our company, with our team are constantly staying up to date on the latest tools, technologies, and industry trends to improve our QA procedures.


Our team of Project Coordinators are dedicated to ensuring the successful delivery of projects and prioritising customer satisfaction. We blend high-level project management skills with the technical expertise of other departments. Our primary focus lies in managing projects efficiently and exceeding customer expectations.

To support our customers, we maintain open and versatile lines of communication. We use a combination of emails, project plans, Trello and calls to share project details, milestones, and facilitate real-time discussions. We work closely with our customers throughout the project lifecycle, gathering requirements, addressing concerns, and providing regular updates.

Internally, we leverage project management methodologies and various tools to enhance customer experiences. These streamlined processes and tools enable us to meet deadlines, deliver results, and create a smoother project journey for our customers. The key benefit are open communication, on-time delivery, high-quality results, and great client service. In essence, everyone on our team is committed to make project management as simple as possible for our customers.


The implementation team at Cegedim e-business specialises in implementing and configuring the required EDI solutions for our clients. We specialise in off-the-shelf and customised solutions we ensure the development thorough testing with all relevant parties before the “go-live”.

Due to the varying complexities of projects, the team possesses strong technical skills and excels in problem-solving. Every installation is unique, and through shared experiences and exposure to diverse implementations, the team can effectively guide our clients and their support teams through the necessary configurations on the their side.

Communication within the Implementation team primarily occurs via email. However, depending on the project type, the team will conduct weekly calls for updates or to diagnose data issues or integrations. The team assist our customers in understanding the integration process, providing answers to queries regarding their trading partners and navigating the potential differences among these partners

Managed Service

Our Managed Services Team offer unparalleled support to our clients, uniquely tailored to each individual’s needs. Our extensive range of services encompasses various facets, including the comprehensive setup of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via our robust cloud solution, Netix. We specialise in end-to-end testing, adeptly managing EDI errors within the Netix framework, configuring and overseeing alerting groups, and addressing general inquiries through our dedicated inbox.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to training suppliers on the intricacies of the Netix portal, providing accessible user guides, and delivering ongoing support to businesses as needed.  We also provide expert EDI advice via email or phone, and even extend support through video calls to our clients’ suppliers, tailored to the specific package and requirements of each client. These services merely touch the surface of our capabilities, the managed services we offer can be customised to fit your organisation’s processes and supplier needs.


After the delivery of your project or system, Support is responsible for looking at any issues, changes, new requests or new requirements. We do this not only by having a deep understanding of the Netix system as a whole, but also by knowing your system specifically.

We dynamically take part in communications with related stakeholders, and internally within Cegedim, to make sure any issue is resolved as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Using this knowledge, by asking the right questions, and carrying out thorough investigation we have consistently exceeded 97% of resolution time. Add on top of this our commitment to the customer and our professionalism, and it’s no wonder we’ve consistently had an average of 4.9/5 feedback on resolved issues.

By using an open and technician driven escalation process we can ensure that issues that are either likely to have an extended timeline, or are extremely complex, are dealt with appropriately. And in these cases the escalation process provides a great learning opportunity, not only for the technician but the team a whole, as we evaluate the issue and what we can learn from it.