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We are part of one of the largest global B2B e-commerce networks in the world with more than 2,000,000 connected entities, suppliers and buyers, around the globe.

We enable companies to automate and boost their trading activities through our products Netix One and Netix Flow. Across the world, we help various sectors to simplify their operating procedures, shift towards secure method of exchanging information, optimised daily management, and capitalise on critical data.

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interoperability and PEPPOL

We obtained our certification as a Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) Access Point, empowering organisations to seamlessly access the network. As NHS Supply Chain’s chosen managed service provider, we possess the capability to link all NHS suppliers to this network. We support businesses in enhancing efficiency, bolstering cash flow, ensuring security, and crucially, gaining access to new markets.

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We help organisations simplify their EDI & digital supply chain

As a the leading provider of EDI integrated solutions, our robust solution, Netix, is the basis of our reputation. By automating information flows and establishing end-to-end visibility, this cutting-edge technology empowers businesses to streamline their entire procure-to-pay process.

Automating information flows is made possible by our solution’s modular integration architecture, which effortlessly integrates with over 70 ERPs, WMS, e-commerce, and accounting systems. This adaptability helps a variety of industries, including as manufacturing, automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, and retail, by helping them optimise their supply chain management.


We feel we are in a safe pair of hands. I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship to take us through our transformation programmes and beyond.

David RabjohnsService Transition & Improvement Manager NHS Supply Chain


Netix brings scalable efficiency to our organisation and as we continue to grow it’s a really important factor for us that it’s scalable and grows with us. It doesn’t come with an overhead of having to add more people into the organisation to manage growth, Netix just handles it.

Ian DorlingHead of IT


Compared to other providers, Cegedim e-business offer a really personable approach. The relationship created with your team is great. I know I can pick up the phone and speak to someone dealing with our project straightaway. We have expertise at our fingertips.

Martyn KingDirector of Chasm Limited,
Consultant for Little Moons

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