Process Management

Our Business Process Management Solution

Optimise your business
and improve collaboration

The digitisation of Business Process Management (BPM) provides the opportunity for automation of the processes thereby reducing processing time by 30%, allowing your employees to refocus on activities with high added value.

Choose improved collaboration. Thanks to the simplification and reliability of information flow management and increased cooperation through the streamlining of exchanges. Structuring processes between the company’s departments, customers, suppliers and employees.

Digitise your business
processes and internal processes

Did you know?

47% of companies have prioritised the digitisation of their business and operational processes?

(source: Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute, Digital Mastery Survey – April/May 2018)

Document production can represent up to 2% of turnover for some companies. (source: Gartner) Why wait longer to optimise your productivity ? Digitise both your business and internal processes today.

Our goals

Improve the user experience by consolidating information flows. You can view your documents in real time and control activities for all your users through our collaborative portal.

Our solution :
an intelligent use of tools

for streamlining, acceleration and automation

In a context of increasing digital transformation and the digital revolution, process automation becomes unavoidable and must evolve to create competitive advantages.

Whether we are talking about the automation of general business processes or specific processes, our platform offers solutions and has the resources you require. We provide you with “digital diagnostics” by mapping your internal processes to recommend the most suitable ones for automation and digitisation.

The SY platform lets you digitise all your business processes including: Human Resources, Purchase/Sale, Administrative, and Legal processes.

The promise
of the SY Platform

A simplification and automation tool that can digitise all processes involved in the commercial exchanges used by your company and your partners as pragmatically as possible.

  • Streamline relations with your partners
  • Increase reliability of information streams
  • Improve your user experience
  • Optimise processing times
  • Organise your flow management
  • Simplify internal exchanges within the company