Netix Flow Integration
with SAP Business One

Netix Flow in Under 200 seconds, check out our integration with SAP Business One!

Welcome to Netix! Netix is a cloud-based EDI solution that offers thousands of preconfigured trading partners and a wide variety of standard ERP integration modules, including seamless integration with SAP Business One.

Enhanced Integration and Customisation

Netix provides a comprehensive platform for integrating your trading partners, ERP systems, and plugins. With its in-house development capabilities, Netix can accommodate any specific trading partner, ERP, or plugin requirements that are currently not available. This level of flexibility gives you full control over your integration with SAP Business One.

Efficient Order Management

Netix offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides valuable insights into your order activity for the current month. Easily track the number of orders received, invoices sent, and the details of each document, including recipients and document types.

Direct EDI Integration with SAP Business One

Netix allows seamless integration of orders into your SAP Business One system without the need for manual intervention. When a trading partner sends an order to Netix, it appears on the order screen. By monitoring the communication status, you can ensure successful transfer into your ERP system. The order screen displays key information such as the sender, delivery details, reference numbers, delivery dates, and creation dates within Netix. Additionally, the screen supports filters for efficient document retrieval.

Smooth Order Processing in SAP Business One

When a customer places an order, it directly appears in SAP Business One, mirroring a manually inputted order. The integration ensures all customer details, order references, item information, and dates are accurately captured. The logistics tab displays the designated delivery location for the order.

Seamless Invoice Transmission

Once an invoice is raised within SAP, Netix automatically retrieves it. In the invoices screen, you can view the processed invoices, including the associated order details. In a live system, the invoices are seamlessly sent to the trading partner without errors or delays.

Product Information Management in SAP Business One

SAP Business One efficiently manages all product information, eliminating the need for duplicate maintenance in Netix. This integration ensures consistency and reduces administrative tasks.

Effective Error Handling and Notifications

If any incoming messages in Netix have missing or invalid information, Netix promptly flags them as “failed” in the translation status. This triggers an email notification to a designated contact, providing detailed information about the failure.

A Robust EDI Platform

Netix offers a powerful cloud-based EDI solution for seamless integration with SAP Business One. With its comprehensive integration platform, efficient order management, direct integration with SAP Business One, streamlined invoice processing, product information management, and robust error handling, Netix empowers your business to streamline EDI processes and enhance efficiency. Experience the benefits of Netix and take your EDI integration with SAP Business One to new heights.


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