Netix Flow Integration with Unleashed in Under 200 Seconds!

Netix Flow in Under 200 seconds, check out our integration with Unleashed!


Introduction to Netix: Streamline Your EDI Integration with Unleashed

Netix is a cloud-based EDI solution that offers seamless integration with Unleashed and a wide range of standard ERP modules. With thousands of preconfigured trading partners and powerful business logic validation plugins, Netix simplifies your EDI processes and enhances efficiency.

Easy Integration and Customisation

Netix provides a comprehensive platform for integrating your trading partners, ERP systems, and plugins. If there’s a specific trading partner, ERP, or plugin that Netix doesn’t currently support, our in-house development team can add it for you. This flexibility gives you complete control over your integration with Unleashed.

Efficient Document Management

Netix offers a user-friendly dashboard that provides valuable insights into your document activity for the current month. Easily track which documents have been sent, the types of documents sent, and the total count. When a trading partner sends an order, it seamlessly imports into Netix and automatically integrates with Unleashed.

Error Handling and Notifications

In the rare event that an order fails to import into Unleashed, Netix promptly triggers an email notification to a designated contact, ensuring you stay informed. This proactive approach allows you to quickly identify and resolve any integration issues.

Order Response Messages and ASNs

Some trading partners require order response messages to confirm the details of the upcoming shipment. Netix supports this requirement, enabling you to provide precise information and maintain clear communication with your partners. Additionally, Netix handles Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) efficiently, providing details on dispatch, packaging, and even generating barcodes for physical packing labels.

Seamless Invoicing Process

Once an invoice is raised in Unleashed, Netix automatically pulls the information and promptly sends it to the customer. This automated process minimises the need for manual work within Netix, saving you time and effort.

Order Status Summary

Netix offers an order status summary page, which provides a comprehensive overview of each order’s progress. Easily track actions performed against an order, such as allocation, order response, delivery note, shipping note, and invoice. Completed actions are indicated by green dots, ensuring you stay informed about the status of your orders.

A Robust EDI Platform

Netix is a powerful cloud-based EDI solution that simplifies integration with Unleashed and offers extensive customisation options. With its seamless document management, error handling capabilities, support for order response messages and ASNs, automated invoicing, and order status tracking, Netix empowers your business to streamline EDI processes and enhance efficiency. Experience the benefits of Netix and take your EDI integration to the next level.

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