What is ANSI X12

The Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12) a non-profit organisation that supports America’s cross-industry, electronic exchange of information. The ANSI X12 developed the EDI standard X12 over 40 years ago. The X12 EDI standard is a continuously adaptative language that enables business transactions through its interoperable network. As a syntax-neutral protocol, it is compatible with many syntaxes. X12 is used throughout the United States, similar to EDIFACT in Europe.

Benefits of X12:

Efficiency and accuracy: X12 streamlines business processes and reduces manual data entry.

Cost Savings and faster transactions: The EDI standard reduces paper-based transactions and in turn speeds up the exchange of business documents.

Improved Data Security and Compliance: Offering a secure data transmission method that supports communications between various systems and partners.

Audit Trail: Electronic exchanges provide a record of all transactions for tracking and auditing.

The Accredited Standards Committee break down the EDI standard into five subcommittees those being;

  • X12C: Communications and Controls
  • X12F: Finance
  • X12I: Transportation
  • X12J: Technical Assessment
  • X12M: Supply Chain
  • X12N: Insurance

The subcommittees are developed for specific business functions. In order to effectively maintain and develop the standards, experts within the field chair and monitor the EDI standards to uphold best practices.

FinanceX12F• 812 Credit/Debit Adjustments
• 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
• 827 Financial Return
HealthcareX12N• 270 / 271 Healthcare Eligibility /Benefit Inquiry and Information Response
• 824 Implementation Guide and Application Reporting
• 835 Health Care Payment/Advice
• 837 Health Care Claim: Professional, Institutional, and Dental
• 852 Exchanging Inventory Information between Manufacturers and Specialty Pharmacies
• 999 Implementation Acknowledgment for Health Care Insurance
InsuranceX12N• 811 Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage Notification
• 266 Automobile Property Record Change Notification
• 811/820 Mortgagee Notification, Billing, and Payment
Supply ChainX12M• 820 Invoices
• 846 Inventory Status
• 850 Purchase Order
• 856 Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)
TransportationX12I• 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
• 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
• 404 Rail Carrier Shipment
DefenceX12 and X12I• 850 Purchase Order
• 940 Warehouse Shipping
• 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
AerospaceX12M• 840 Request for Quotation
• 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
• 850 Purchase Order
• 810 Invoice
• 820 Payment Order Remittance Advice

Though these industries are different, the commonality between them all is that they utilise EDI, in particular X12 to electronically exchange documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices with suppliers. Whilst using EDI platforms to track shipments, handle customs documentation, and manage shipping and delivery information.

Example of ASC X12 message type:

Here is an example of the raw EDI data format of an order acknowledgement.


ST*855*0001~ BAK*11*AT*XX-7777*20230810***LL555~ PER*SU*XYZ JET3 AIRECRAFT PARTS*TE*1-800-2222-~

PER*SU*XYZ JET3 AIRECRAFT PARTS*TE*1-800-2222-~ CTT*0~ SE*5*0001~

X12 transmission explanation


The ‘855’ is the identifiable EDI number associated with an order acknowledgement. The 001 signifies the transaction set for a purchase order acknowledgment.


This specific line shows the acknowledgment/order response, specifying an acknowledgment type of ‘Accepted’ without specific details. The line includes the purchase order number XX-7777, dated 10th August 2023, which is associated with contract number LL555


This line identifies the supplier as Jet 3 Aircraft Parts, whilst the number after the final asterisk is the number the company can be contacted.


The ‘0’ indicates the order acknowledgment contains no line items.


The ‘0001’ is the transaction set control number, the ‘5’ represents the total segments.

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