Digitisation of the
Order to Cash Processes

Accelerate the digital transformation of your sales cycle

Digitise and simplify exchanges

between you and your customers

The SY Business platform digitises and simplifies exchanges between you and your customers by handling the order to cash process on the electronic signing of a contract, validating orders and handling the remote payment of invoices. Optimise your processes, improve collaboration both internally and with your partners and improve efficiency in the management of your digital payments and due dates and the collection of receivables.

A single interface

for order to cash process management

  • Publication of the order issued by the customer
  • Transmission of the order confirmation, shipping notice, and notification to the customer
  • Tax dematerialisation platform for all types of flows
  • Electronic archiving with probative value for the archiving of originals and duplicates
SY by Cegedim platform showing list of invoice documents
  • Electronic tax dematerialisation and electronic duplicate module
  • Module for the issue of signed PDFs to the client with a data file for the PO-flip
  • Outgoing EDI connectors
  • Shared and industrial publishing chains for printing, enveloping and franking paper invoices

A processing solution

for dematerialising your outgoing invoices

Enter your invoices via the SY portal, regardless of the digitisation mode used by clients, whether in paper format or in electronic format. The structured files which are issued include all legal and “business” data and an indicator enabling invoices to be processed in the correct way (EDI, signed PDF, published) and with the proper routing. A previously transmitted repository will indicate the appropriate processing for each partner.

Control your expenses

and manage your disputes with your business data

The SY solution provides a business control service for the management of invoice flows, previously defined to block disputes (e.g. missing order number) and the risk of incorrect transmission (e.g. missing address) at this stage. Business data specifying the issuing entity (SIRET/SIREN, Profit Centre) are checked at this stage of the information processing process. The SY platform also provides support for checking duplicate invoice numbers.