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We enable businesses connect with NHS Supply Chain to trade electronically. Our customers can send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices, and various business documents via our PEPPOL enabled platform Netix.

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What is Peppol?

Peppol stands for the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line, it is a set of open technical specifications and communication network. The Peppol network that simplifies the procurement process for businesses in Europe. This network allows suppliers to send and receive electronic invoices and other procurement-related documents in a standardised format.

Achieve PEPPOL compliancy

As part of the NHS Scan4Safety Strategy, all existing and new suppliers must comply with PEPPOL messaging standards to start, or continue to trading with NHS Supply Chain.

NHS Supply Chain established a mandatory eProcurement programme which is rolled out to all suppliers. If you wish to continue to trade with NHS Supply Chain or a number of NHS Trusts, you must adhere to the latest PEPPOL protocols.

  • We enable businesses to exchange online orders, invoices, ASNs, and other key documents with their trading partners
  • Save time, money and reduce errors across their whole supply chain
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How Peppol benefits suppliers

Increased efficiency

Peppol streamlines the procurement process by providing a centralised platform for suppliers to send and receive documents electronically. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. By automating the procurement process, suppliers can reduce their operational costs and improve their overall efficiency.

Access to new markets

Peppol provides suppliers with access to a wider range of buyers across Europe. This network connects businesses across different sectors and industries, making it easier for suppliers to find new customers and expand their market reach.

Improved cash flow

Peppol enables suppliers to receive payments faster by reducing the time it takes for invoices to be processed. Since electronic invoices are delivered instantly, suppliers can receive payment sooner, which can improve their cash flow and help them manage their finances more effectively.

Increased security

Peppol uses a secure network to transmit and receive electronic documents. This ensures that suppliers’ sensitive data is protected from unauthorised access and cyber threats. By using Peppol, suppliers can have peace of mind knowing that their confidential information is secure.

A Peppol Service Provider

As a certified access-point provider, we can help trading partners exchange messages via Peppol. Our solutions provide a “one-to-many” connection, meaning our customers can transact with any organisation utilising Peppol, no matter their access point provider.

Netix is a robust solution that performs all the translations necessary to convert various message types to comply with Peppol formatting. By implementing Netix, your business van transact exchange various EDI data, including orders, invoices, credit notes, ASNs, purchase orders, dispatch notes and order acknowledgement

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We feel we are in a safe pair of hands. I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship to take us through our transformation programmes and beyond.

David Rabjohns, Service Transition & Improvement Manager, NHS Supply Chain
David Rabjohns

Optimising B2B information flows via

The implementation of Peppol brings with it a host of benefits for both suppliers and NHS Supply Chain

  • Reduction of order processing lead time
  • Cost reduction through process optimisation
  • Elimination of redundant manual data input
  • More accurate order placement
  • Reduced manual work required
  • Shorter business cycles
  • Administrative cost cuts
  • Faster payments

NHS Supply Chain's Managed Service Provider

As NHS Supply Chain’s managed service provider, we have the most up-to-date information. Download the PEPPOL Implementation Guide for NHS Supply Chain to optimise efficiency and minimise paperwork for suppliers. Embrace electronic documents to streamline procurement and support the NHS Scan4Safety Strategy.

Download NHS Supply Chain MIG

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