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Integrating with DFS is made easy through Netix.

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We recognise DFS as a valuable partner and can provide your business with the same powerful benefits of EDI. With experience implementing EDI solutions within the retail and manufacturing industries, our dedicated team of specialists understand how to overcome the challenges of digitising and streamlining your business processes.

We aim to provide you with the most accessible way to connect and trade with your supply chain. From automating the inflow of orders to sending debit notes. Our system helps to optimise your business by significantly improving administrative efficiency, cash management and traceability.

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EDI and the retail furniture industry

Recently there has been a shift in customer behaviours due to the increase in the working from home directive. Companies are looking for software to increase their productivity while maintaining security to allow staff to work from anywhere. Our cloud-based solution, Netix, is intuitive with unlimited user access. Meaning whether in the head offices or on the warehouse floor, you always have access to the real-time EDI information you need.

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Get connected to start trading electronically with DFS via their FTP (File Transfer Protocol) communication protocol. Begin exchanging documents such as orders, invoices, debit notes and order responses. EDI provides strict standardisation for these documents to be translated through helping to reduce manual errors. Digitising your trading processes improves traceability and reporting capabilities.

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Invest in automated supply chain solutions like Netix to gain end-to-end visibility of your processes. By implementing an integrate EDI solution, information can be pulled from the Netix platform to be visible in your WMS, ERP, accounting and e-commerce systems. Collating all the information your business needs to make data driven decision. Creating a faster, smoother and more secure procure-to-pay process.

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Ulitise the Netix platform to exchange information flows to all your customers and suppliers. Our future-proof pricing structure allows you to add new trading partners to your ecosystem without paying additional development costs.

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We see DFS as a valuable trading partner and can provide your business with the same benefits of EDI!
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