Simplifying Supply
Chain Management

Automate and optimise your entire EDI network

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Complete EDI Management

SY Supply Chain empowers businesses to harness excellent quality products, solutions, and services to optimise your entire procure-to-pay process.

We aim to provide the most accessible way for businesses to connect to their trading partners. Netix gives you the security and confidence to automate your key processes and the opportunity for unlimited scalability. Our future-proof pricing structure enables you to actively grow your trading network without any additional development costs.

Sync your business information

Harness EDI integration with Netix Flow

  • Connect directly to your ERP, WMS, accounting system and e-commerce platforms
  • Transact via EDI standards including EDIFACT, Tradacoms, VDA and X12
  • Exchange crucial business documents including purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, ASNs and much more.
  • Real-time accurate EDI information
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A reliable, scalable, and modular approach

Traditional EDI integration is a fixed and rigid process, any changes to your EDI data would require a complete reconfiguration of your connected system. For modern businesses this is a time consuming and expensive practice.

We go beyond this by using a modular approach to integrate with your business ecosystem. Meaning it’s easier, faster, and cheaper for you to update or change aspects of your third-party system and EDI trading partner profiles.

Utilise the full proficiencies of SY Supply Chain

  • Bespoke development to mould Netix to your needs
  • Personalised consultancy to scope out distinctive challenges within your supply chain
  • Data collection afforded to certify a seamless project from start to finish
  • Managed service to ensure the system runs to maximum capability
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Tailor your Netix solution with add-ons

Enrich your business’ performance by adding on to your Netix solution. The following add-ons can be bolted onto your Netix solution to strengthen your process and guarantee a smooth flow of information.

Shipping Notices

Manually enrich the data missing from ERP to create a valid Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) document for increased customer satisfaction, efficiency, faster distribution, and greater visibility.


Instantly create and send copies of your data to a third party, such as a logistics provider to rest assured knowing the correct information has been sent to the correct party promptly.


Create alerts so that notifications are transmitted immediately. Empowering you to remain on top and in control of your process management.

Simple, secure, and easy to implement

All our add-on modules are easy to implement, and highly configurable, allowing you to construct each element according to your requirements and act as an extension of your platform. Improve the efficiency of your operations by shortening process timelines and reducing the risks accompanying manual data entry.

Gain unparalleled control of your supply chain management through Netix

Collaborative portal

  • Unlimited user login to access your EDI data wherever you are, whenever you need.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.

End-to-end visibility

  • Powerful technology at your fingertips through the connection of EDI and API
  • API authentication process creates a safer and more secure method of sending data
  • Automated to reduce errors and manual data entry
Discover Netix Flow


  • Configurable dashboard to visually engage with your KPIs.
    Whether you need to track live trading partners or documents sent, gain complete visibility of your EDI data.

Future proof pricing

  • We use pre-configured trading partner profiles to establish connections quickly and
    give you the opportunity to expand your network with no extra development costs.

Simplify your supply chain management
and become a part of the SY network

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