Advanced Shipping Notices

From reducing the time and cost of your shipping to creating shorter payment cycles – ASNs improve relationships in every direction. ASNs are the investment that keeps supporting your supply chain management.

Unlock the powerful benefits of ASNs

Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs) are electronic documents sent directly ahead of shipments to improve the efficiency of the delivery and receiving of goods processes.

By exchanging ASNs you can optimise your delivery process and create greater visibility when tracking progress. Manually enrich the ASNs to include in-depth information about how many products are in each box to be viewed at a higher pallet level.

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While officially referred to as an Advance Shipping Notice, the ASN is also known by different terms depending on the industry and EDI standard.


Delivery Notice:
Used within the Tradacoms standard and most popular with the UK retail industry.

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EDI 856

Ship Notice / Manifest:
Used within the ASC X12 standard.

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EDI 4987

Advanced Shipping Notice:
Used within the VDA standard - the German Association of the Automotive Industry.


Despatch Advice:
Used within the EDIFACT standard and most popular with organisations wishing to trade globally. The EDIFACT standard also uses the ANSI syntax of 856.

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Feel the domino effect by implementing Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs)

Boost Speed and Accuracy

  • Check-in shipments instantly.
  • Opportunity for faster payments as invoices can be automatically matched and approved against ASNs.

Increased Visibility

  • Easily track shipments at every stage.
  • Streamline supply chain (3PL).
  • Accurate in-depth pallet information at higher levels.
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Improve Inventory Management

  • Staff process deliveries quicker without interfering with the contents.
  • Adequately prepare resources, including staff and appropriate storage space for deliveries.

Strengthen Relationships

  • An increase in the accuracy of data and delivery information will help to build relationships in every direction.
Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) example on laptop screen

A Closer Look at ASNs

Advance Shipping Notices also provide the receiver with more data to be able to effectively prepare resources for delivery. The contents of each ASN may vary between trading partners but most contain:

  • Delivery details such as the date and time to be delivered.
  • Details about the products being shipped.
  • Box information to say which products are in each box and in what quantity.
  • Pallet information and codes to identify which boxes are on each pallet.
  • A Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for each box and pallet.

All About Speed

The most impactful benefits of implementing advance shipping notices are the reduction in processing time and the increase in the accuracy of information.

A Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is a unique set of 18 numbers attached to a barcode that identifies a logistic unit. GS1 defines a logistic unit as any combination of units put together for transport and/or storage where the specific unit load needs to be managed throughout the supply chain. Some examples of logistics units are cases, pallets, or air cargo containers.

The barcode can be viewed to a higher trailer load level to allow for greater visibility of the delivery contents without manual intervention into pallets. Scanning this code can automatically send the contents of the delivery straight into your office systems – breaking the loophole of human error and manual data entry.

Enhance your delivery process

Exchanging ASNs can help streamline your warehouse and distribution centres by creating faster turn around times throughout.

By manually enriching ASNs, your business can increase order visibility and accuracy of delivery information to create an overall smoother and more efficient supply chain. Instead of manually creating an ASN, enrich the EDI document to be taken from your ERP or invoice. Allowing the in-depth product information for each box to be viewed at a higher pallet level.

ASNs Are Necessary Across All Sectors

ASNs are crucial documents within particular industries, especially within automotive, FMCG, manufacturing and retail.

The Retail Sector

The retail industry use advance shipping notices (ASNs) allow businesses to take order management to the next level. ASNs allow you to adequately plan inventory to avoid out-of-stock situations that negatively impact relationships with both distribution centres and vendors.

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In the manufacturing industry, advance shipping notices (ASNs) are a powerful set of transactions that can have a far-reaching impact on the efficiency of warehouse operations. They help to reduce unloading times and dock congestion by removing the need to break pallets down before they are stored away.

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Automotive Industry

Within the Automotive sector, ASNs are pertinent to an uninterrupted flow of products through the supply chain. Advance shipping notices that are not formatted correctly cause delays for the subsequent areas of the chain. Failure to issue correct ASNs on time will usually result in non-compliance and the potential for a charge-back.

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ASNs For The Retail Sector

We’ve noticed there has been a shift, more and more larger retailers are opting to make advance shipping notices (ASNs) mandatory. Meaning your business will have to comply with this in order to trade with companies like Marks & Spenser, Aldi, or Asda.

In order to get paid by retailers like M&S, suppliers need to provide an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), which is a document that provides detailed information about the products being shipped.

Why are ASNs mandatory?

ASNs are important because they allow retailers to track and manage inventory more effectively. By knowing exactly what products are being shipped and when they will arrive, retailers can ensure that they have the necessary space and resources to receive and process the shipment. This can help to reduce delays and errors in the supply chain, which can ultimately lead to faster, more efficient payment for suppliers.

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ASNs And Netix

Discover how an EDI solution and ASNs work together

Unlike other EDI platforms, Netix gives you the power to manually enrich the creation and exchange of more complex forms of ASNs to include specific box and pallet details.

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