Connect to Booker via EDI

Connecting you to Booker via EDI

Booker, now a subsidiary of Tesco, with a long history dating back to its establishment in 1835, has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of its diverse customer base, which includes independent retailers, caterers, and small businesses. This dynamic company operates on the principles of quality, affordability, and convenience, offering a wide range of products and services that empower businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace. Whether it’s providing essential groceries, fresh produce, or an array of non-food items, Booker’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation has firmly established it as a trusted partner for businesses across the United Kingdom.

Supplying their goods and services to over 400,000 customers, Booker’s adoption of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) helps them to create strong relationships with suppliers, enhancing their supply chain and increasing productivity.

It is important to keep in mind that Booker encourages suppliers to connect via EDI in order to trade with them as it allows for more efficient communication and transactions.


Booker’s Onboarding Process

As a supplier to Booker, you will have the opportunity to provide your products to a range of well-established brands, including Budgens, Londis, Premier, and Happy Shopper. With a network spanning over 280 stores nationwide, Booker collaborates closely with its suppliers to offer robust support to store owners. Their supplier portfolio encompasses a diverse array of goods, from chilled food and cakes to international products and stationery, among others. Once you become a supplier, Booker will work with you to establish a commencement date for your business to begin supplying these stores with your products. Upon delivering a customer’s order, Booker requests that you provide a comprehensive delivery note for seamless coordination and record-keeping.


Our Onboarding Process

We offer two solutions that can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring compliance for seamless trading with Booker through EDI. Netix One, our user-friendly platform, empowers you to take command of your trading partnership with Booker and capitalise on every business prospect. On the other hand, Netix Flow is our comprehensive automation solution, providing end-to-end transparency by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, including ERP, e-commerce, inventory, or WMS, to automate critical processes.

After deciding on which solution best meets your company’s goals and your relationship terms with Booker, it is crucial to present our projects team with your:

  • Supplier code

Booker’s preferred method of transferring EDI is via an AS2 connector. We swiftly set up an AS2 connector for you once you have provided us with your supplier code. The widely adopted AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) protocol was created specifically for business-to-business (B2B) data transmission via the internet in a secure and reliable manner. Check out our EDI glossary for more information on how AS2 connectors work.

Whether you opt for Netix One or Netix Flow, it’s imperative that your EDI solution aligns with Booker’s selected EDI standard, Tradacoms, to streamline the exchange of EDI message types via the AS2 connector. Nevertheless, when using Netix, you gain the flexibility to seamlessly adapt and translate across a multitude of EDI standards, enabling you to effortlessly connect with all your trading partners within a single, comprehensive solution.

The common messages we set up to trade with Booker:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Credit Notes

Netix connection for Booker

We design and utilise pre-configured EDI maps for trading partners to ensure a quicker and easier set up for you. Booker is just one of the many trading partners that we have available to start connecting you to today.

The testing phase will commence once we’ve collected all the required data and configured your connection. Rest assured, our proficient installation team will conscientiously verify and test your pre-arranged EDI messages in close cooperation with the Booker EDI team. Their expertise ensures that your Netix system operates precisely as planned, ensuring you a smooth and reliable EDI configuration.

Our goal is to instill confidence in the realisation of your business objectives. Before transitioning your system to its live operation, we will arrange a series of training days tailored for the members of your team utilising Netix. These training sessions have been thoughtfully crafted to deliver thorough guidance and are personalised to ensure your staff feels entirely at ease and well-equipped with all the necessary tools to maximise their use of Netix.

Once testing and training sessions are successfully completed, we will schedule a “go live” date for your system. At that point, you will be fully prepared to commence trading with Booker through EDI. Our dedicated customer support experts will reach out to introduce themselves as your primary point of contact moving forward. We offer a range of support options tailored to your requirements, and our team is always readily available to address any inquiries or promptly resolve any issues that may arise. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we are here to support your choice every step of the way.


Benefits of connecting to Booker using Netix:

  • Reduce administrative burden and storage costs by eliminating the need for paper documents.
  • Trade electronically by guaranteeing compliance with Booker’s requirements and industry standards.
  • Netix is built to scale with you, allowing you to increase your transaction volumes and connect to this one all-inclusive solution with your future trading partners.
  • Transaction processing is sped up using Netix and EDI, resulting in quicker order fulfilment, payments, and response times.

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Why you should choose Cegedim e-business

Recognising the inherent complications frequently connected with the EDI process, our objective is to make digital trade as simple as possible. You will have a designated Netix expert by your side who is proficient with the particular needs of your business. With their industry knowledge and expertise, they can guide you through an easy onboarding process that ends with competent trading via EDI with Booker.

We are aware of how your trading environment continues to shift and how the business landscape is constantly evolving. In consideration of this, we designed our pricing plan to be scalable and future-proof. It easily adapts to your changing needs and the potential need for changes to Booker’s EDI standards.

Recent patterns have brought to light major EDI workflow enhancements made by key supermarkets and retailers. Our pricing structure relieves the financial burden of additional development costs associated with rewriting your connection in the event that Booker requests changes to it, whether they pertain to the EDI standard used or the addition of new message types like Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs).

If you’re prepared to begin trading via EDI with Booker, we can provide guidance and carefully designed solutions for your company. Don’t wait; get in touch now and let’s begin this transformative journey together.

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