Connect to John Lewis via EDI

Connect you to John Lewis via EDI

John Lewis, a renowned British retail institution, has been a staple of the UK high street for over a century. Established in 1864, John Lewis is celebrated not only for its extensive range of quality products but also for its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is the parent company of two major names on the highstreets: John Lewis and Waitrose.

As a leading retailer in the United Kingdom, John Lewis operates with a strong focus on efficiency and precision in its supply chain management. To facilitate seamless interactions with its vast network of suppliers, John Lewis has adopted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as an integral part of their business process. This technology enables their suppliers to connect with John Lewis electronically, streamlining order processing, inventory management, and communication for a mutually beneficial partnership.

John Lewis Partnership’s Onboarding Process

John Lewis Partnership utilises an online supplier portal as its operational platform. Within this portal, you can seamlessly achieve a multitude of tasks, whether your objective is to propose innovative product ideas, access sales data, or track invoice payments. Furthermore, this portal grants you access to an assortment of documents designed to enhance your supplier relationship with JLP. These documents include resources like the Supplier Information Pack which provides comprehensive insights into their EDI process and addresses any initial queries you may have.

After confirming your supplier partnership with JLP and finalising the EDI message types for exchange, you will receive important information from them, including your Supplier ID. We kindly request that you keep this Supplier ID readily accessible for future reference.


Our Onboarding Process

We offer you a choice of two solutions designed to cater to your specific requirements and ensure compliance for trading with John Lewis Partnership through EDI. Netix One is our user-friendly platform, empowering you to take charge of your trading partnership with JLP and capitalise on business opportunities seamlessly. On the other hand, Netix Flow is our comprehensive, automated solution, offering end-to-end visibility by seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, including ERP, e-commerce, inventory, or WMS, streamlining essential tasks through automation.

After deciding on which solution best meets your company’s goals and your relationship terms with JLP, it is crucial to present our projects team with your:

  • Supplier code

Once you furnish us with the required details, we can swiftly establish a VAN mailbox for your use as this is how JLP request to trade. VAN mailboxes offer a secure and private network environment where all your EDI messages will be sent and received, functioning much like an email system. For further insights into the functioning of VAN mailboxes, you can refer to our EDI glossary.

Regardless of whether you opt for Netix One or Netix Flow, it is essential that your EDI solution aligns with JLP’s preferred EDI standards. John Lewis Partnership utilises both the Tradacoms and EDIFACT standards, depending on the specific message type, to enable the seamless exchange of EDI messages through the VAN mailbox. However, with Netix, you possess the capability to seamlessly adapt and translate to various EDI standards, affording you the versatility to connect with all your trading partners within a single, comprehensive solution.

The common messages we set up for trading relationships with JLP:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Order Change
  • Sales Report

This is how Netix connects you to John Lewis

At Cegedim e-business, we’ve established a broad network of trading partners, and John Lewis Partnership is just one of the many collaborators we’ve created and implemented pre-configured EDI maps. Our pre-built connections are designed to expedite the onboarding process, ensuring that you can start connecting with JLP swiftly and effortlessly.

Once all the necessary data is in place and your connection is configured, the testing phase will commence. Rest assured, our dedicated installation team will meticulously validate and test the EDI messages as per your agreement, collaborating closely with the JLP EDI team throughout the process. Their expertise guarantees that your Netix system operates precisely as intended, delivering a seamless and dependable EDI setup.

We are dedicated to instilling confidence in the attainment of your objectives. As we approach the transition of your system for live operation, we’ve meticulously planned a series of training sessions tailored to your team. These sessions have been thoughtfully crafted to offer comprehensive guidance, personalised to ensure that your staff not only feels completely at ease but also well-equipped with all the necessary tools to harness the full potential of Netix.

Following the conclusion of testing and training sessions, we will coordinate the system’s “go-live” date. At this point, you’ll possess all the resources to commence trading seamlessly with John Lewis Partnership via EDI. Our team of customer support professionals will reach out to introduce themselves as your dedicated point of contact moving forward. We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer a range of support options to accommodate them. Rest assured, our team is always available to address any inquiries or swiftly resolve any challenges you may encounter.


Benefits of connecting to JLP using Netix:

  • Say goodbye to paper documents, significantly reducing the administrative workload and the expenses associated with document storage.
  • Ensure seamless compliance with John Lewis Partnership’s prerequisites and industry standards, making electronic trading a breeze.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of Netix, which is available around the clock, enabling you to conduct business whenever it’s most convenient for you and your trading partners.
  • Experience the swiftness of Netix and EDI in action as they accelerate transaction processing. This results in faster order fulfillment, quicker payments, and reduced response times, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.

Check out our connection process with Marks & Spencer, Ocado, Waitrose and more.


Why you should choose Cegedim e-business

Recognising the potential complexities often associated with the EDI process, our commitment is centred on simplifying digital trading for your convenience. A dedicated Netix specialist, well-versed in the unique demands of your business, will guide you every step of the way. Equipped with industry knowledge and expertise, their role encompasses facilitating a seamless onboarding experience, ultimately enabling proficient EDI trading with JLP.

We realise the ever-evolving nature of the business landscape and the dynamic shifts within your trading environment. Our pricing model has been thoughtfully structured to reflect this understanding, ensuring scalability and future readiness. It readily accommodates your evolving requirements and remains flexible in the face of potential adjustments to John Lewis Partnership’s EDI specifications. We are here to ensure your EDI journey is both smooth and adaptable to your evolving needs.

Recent trends have brought to light the noteworthy adjustments made by major supermarkets and retailers to fortify their EDI operations. Should John Lewis Partnership require changes to your connection, whether pertaining to the EDI standard in use or the integration of additional message types, such as Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), our pricing structure is designed to relieve you of the financial burden typically associated with redevelopment costs.

If you’re prepared to commence EDI trading with JLP, we stand ready to provide expert guidance and customised solutions tailored to your business. Don’t hesitate; get in touch with us today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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