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Morrisons EDI Connection

Morrisons is a prominent name in the retail industry. Established in 1899, Morrisons has evolved into one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. With over 500 stores across the country, Morrisons serves millions of customers every week, offering a diverse selection of fresh produce, pantry essentials, and a wide range of other products. To manage suppliers better, Morrisons leverage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to manage their procurement process.
Whether you’re an SME or a small business, in order to trade with companies like Morrisons, you will be required to connect via EDI.

Morrisons’ Onboarding Process

In order to trade with Morrisons, you’ll first need to become an official supplier. If you haven’t done that already, you’ll need to fill out a form to register your interest. Take a look at their supplier form here.
Once you have agreed on your relationship with Morrisons and confirmed the message types, they will send you the necessary documentation. This will include your Supplier ID and Supplier Site ID that you will need to keep handy.
Then we can set you up with either of our robust and reliable EDI solutions: Netix One or Netix Flow. These will both facilitate the sending and receiving of business documents via EDI.
The next stage is testing, of which Morrisons split into two: Supplier On-Boarding Verification (SOV) and Live Proving. The purpose of these is to check and build confidence that your connection will work when you start trading via EDI with Morrisons.

Our Onboarding Process

We have two EDI solutions available that can connect you to Morrisons. Netix One; is an easy-to-use web solution best suited for small businesses looking to connect with trading partners. Netix Flow; adds additional functionality by integrating with your existing ERP, e-commerce, inventory, or WMS systems to automate key processes. After deciding on what solution suits your business needs, it’s important to provide the team with your:

  • Supplier ID
  • Supplier Site ID

This information helps us start quickly setting up a Value-Added Network (VAN) mailbox to which all your EDI messages will be sent and received. Morrisons trades using EDIFACT, which is the most common standard in Europe. To exchange messages through the VAN network, you need to adopt the EDIFACT EDI standard.

The common message we set up for Morrisons trading relationships:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Order Change
  • Invoices
  • Debit Notes
  • Advanced Shipping Notices

To ensure that you can start trading with Morrisons right away, we make the EDI connection process as smooth, easy, and fast as possible for you. With pre-configured maps for Morrisons, a portion of your connection is already set up and waiting for your solution to be connected. Once all the necessary information has been provided to the project team, we will initiate the testing phase. During this phase, our installation team will test the EDI messages that you will be exchanging within your Netix system. They will manage the installation and testing on your behalf to ensure that everything is set up and functioning correctly. Once testing is complete, we’ll arrange your ‘Go Live’ date.

You’ll then receive the green light to start trading with Morrisons.
Benefits of using any Netix system with Morrisons:


  • Send and receive mandatory EDI messages with Morrisons.
  • Reduce manual data entry, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Process transactions faster so you get payments on-time.
  • The ability to connect to all your trading partners in one solution.Check out our connection process with Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and more.

Why You Should Choose Cegedim e-business

We understand that EDI can be a difficult process so we are here to make trading digitally simple. You’ll get a Netix specialist on your side who will keep you and your business at the forefront of their mind. They know what’s required to get you set up to trade via EDI with Morrisons for a guaranteed quick and smooth onboarding.

We’ve designed our pricing model to be future-proof and scalable. When your requirements change and grow, or Morrisons want to make a change, our pricing model supports this. In the past year, we have seen several leading supermarkets, including Morrisons, make changes to their EDI requirements. While previously trading using TRADACOMS, they now operate using the EDIFACT standard and expanded their EDI messages to include purchase order responses and electronic proof of delivery. Under our pricing model, you wouldn’t pay for the extra development cost to rewrite your entire connection, making for a more cost-effective solution.

When you’re ready to begin your EDI journey with Morrisons, we’re here to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions that align with your unique business needs. Reach out today and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.
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