Connect to Wilko via EDI

Connecting you to Wilko via EDI

Wilko, rebranded from Wilkinson in 2012, has been a long-standing and esteemed name in the realm of British retail and has graced the high streets for decades. The company specialises in a wide range of household essentials, encompassing homewares, textiles, DIY supplies, cleaning products, health and beauty items, stationery, confectionery, pet products, as well as kitchen and bathroom goods.

After going into administration in 2023 it was unclear what the future holds for Wilko, however, big names like B&M and Poundland (Pepco) were eager to express their interest and acquire various Wilko stores.

The saving grace for the Wilko brand came from The Range, meaning you can still get your products stocked under the Wilko name. In order to connect with Wilko through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is paramount for suppliers seeking to enhance their efficiency and collaboration. Wilko’s commitment to streamlined and modernised processes ensures that suppliers can establish seamless connections via EDI, facilitating swift and accurate data exchange to support their mutual success.


Wilko’s Onboarding Process

Wilko’s EDI process is facilitated through an online supplier portal. Within this portal, you’ll have the ability to monitor the progress of your supplier review procedure and access any necessary documentation crucial for facilitating a seamless and efficient setup procedure.

Once your supplier partnership with Wilko has been officially confirmed and the specific EDI message types for exchange have been finalised, you can expect to receive crucial information directly from Wilko. Among this information, you will find your unique supplier code, a vital component of your interaction with Wilko. We kindly request that you keep this supplier code readily accessible and securely stored for future reference.


Our Onboarding Process

We provide you with a selection of two tailored solutions, meticulously crafted to meet your precise needs and guarantee compliance for your EDI partnership with Wilko. Netix One offers a user-friendly platform, placing you in control of your trading relationship with Wilko, and enabling you to seize business opportunities effortlessly. Conversely, Netix Flow represents our comprehensive and automated solution, delivering end-to-end visibility by seamlessly integrating with your current systems, such as ERP, e-commerce, inventory, or WMS, streamlining crucial tasks through automation for enhanced efficiency.

Once you’ve determined which solution aligns best with your company’s objectives and your partnership terms with Wilko, it’s essential to provide our projects team with your:

  • Supplier code

Upon receiving your supplier code, we can promptly set up a VAN mailbox, which aligns with Wilko’s preferred method of trading. VAN mailboxes provide a secure and private network environment, akin to an email system, where all your EDI messages are transmitted and received. For a deeper understanding of how VAN mailboxes operate, you can consult our EDI glossary for additional insights.

Whether you choose Netix One or Netix Flow, your EDI solution must align with Wilko’s preferred standard, Tradacoms, ensuring smooth message exchange via the VAN mailbox. Netix’s flexibility allows effortless adaptation and translation to various EDI standards, enabling seamless connections with all your trading partners in one comprehensive solution.

The common messages we set up for trading relationships with Wilko:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

Connecting you to Wilko with Netix

At Cegedim e-business, we’ve forged an extensive network of trading partners, including Wilko, with which we’ve created and implemented pre-configured EDI maps. These pre-built connections are tailored to streamline onboarding, enabling you to swiftly and effortlessly establish your link with Wilko.

Once all requisite data is in place and your connection is configured, the testing phase begins. Our dedicated installation team diligently validates and tests the EDI messages in accordance with your agreement, collaborating closely with Wilko’s EDI team. Their expertise ensures that your Netix system operates flawlessly, delivering a dependable and seamless EDI setup.

We are committed to ensuring your confidence in achieving your objectives. As we approach the transition to your system’s live operation, we’ve meticulously planned tailored training sessions for your team. These sessions provide comprehensive guidance and are personalised to ensure your staff feels not only comfortable but also well-equipped with the tools needed to maximise Netix’s potential.

Upon completing testing and training, we will schedule the system’s “go-live” date, equipping you to seamlessly trade with Wilko via EDI. Our dedicated customer support team will reach out to serve as your ongoing point of contact. Recognising your unique needs, we offer various support options for your convenience. Our team is always available to address inquiries and swiftly resolve any challenges you may encounter, ensuring a smooth journey ahead.

Benefits of connecting to Wilko using Netix:

  • Bid farewell to paper documents, significantly reducing the administrative workload and the expenses associated with document storage.
  • Seamlessly ensure compliance with Wilko’s prerequisites and industry standards, simplifying electronic trading.
  • Benefit from Netix’s 24/7 availability, enabling you to conduct business at your convenience.
  • Witness the speed of Netix and EDI in action as they expedite transaction processing, leading to quicker order fulfilment, faster payments, and shorter response times, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Check out our connection process with Marks & Spencer, Ocado, Waitrose and more.


Why you should choose Cegedim e-business

Recognising the potential complexities often associated with EDI, our commitment revolves around simplifying digital trading for your convenience. You’ll be guided by a dedicated Netix specialist, well-versed in your business’s unique demands, every step of the way. Armed with industry knowledge and expertise, their role encompasses facilitating a seamless onboarding experience, ultimately enabling proficient EDI trading with Wilko.

We understand the ever-evolving nature of the business landscape and the dynamic shifts within your trading environment. Our pricing model has been thoughtfully structured to embody this understanding, ensuring scalability and future readiness. It easily accommodates your evolving requirements and remains flexible in adapting to potential adjustments in Wilko’s EDI specifications. Rest assured, we’re here to ensure your EDI journey is both smooth and adaptable to your changing needs.

Recent trends have highlighted significant adaptations undertaken by leading supermarkets and retailers to strengthen their EDI operations. In the event that Wilko necessitates adjustments to your connection, whether concerning the EDI standard employed or the incorporation of additional message types like Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), our pricing model is strategically crafted to alleviate the financial challenges typically associated with redevelopment costs.

If you’re ready to initiate your EDI trading with Wilko, we are fully prepared to offer expert guidance and personalised solutions tailored to your business. Reach out today and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

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