Connect to Homebase via EDI

Connecting you to Homebase via EDI

Homebase, now a part of Hilco Capital, is the second-largest retailer of gardening and home improvement products in the UK. It was first established in 1979 as a joint venture between Sainsbury’s and GB Inno. Homebase offers a comprehensive range of tools, materials, furnishings, and advice to elevate every corner of living spaces. Beyond its diverse offerings, Homebase embodies the essence of creative transformation, empowering customers to craft environments that mirror their individual styles and aspirations.

Homebase is renowned for upholding the highest ethical standards and forming strong relationships with suppliers in order to increase productivity and assist people who work in their supply chain. With over 150 stores across the UK and Ireland and an extensive online catalogue, it certainly makes for enhanced supply chain efficiency by introducing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to streamline communications and ensure seamless transactions with partners and customers.

It is important to keep in mind that Homebase encourages suppliers to connect via EDI for efficient communication and transactions if you want to trade with them.


Homebase’s Onboarding Process

Homebase’s EDI process operates through the use of an online supplier portal. Here you will be able to track your supplier review process as well as download any documentation that will aid in ensuring a smooth and efficient set-up process.

Once your supplier relationship with Homebase has been confirmed and the EDI message types you will be exchanging with them have been agreed upon, they will provide you with information including your Supplier ID, which we ask that you keep on hand.


Our Onboarding Process

We present you with two solutions that will meet your needs and get you compliant to trade with Homebase via EDI. Netix One is our easy-to-use platform that helps you gain control of your trading relationship with Homebase and seize all your business opportunities. Whereas Netix Flow is our fully automated solution, giving you end-to-end visibility by integrating with your existing systems, such as ERP, e-commerce, inventory, or WMS, to automate important tasks.

After deciding on which solution best meets your company’s goals and your relationship terms with Homebase, it is crucial to present our projects team with your:

  • Supplier code

We can promptly set you up with a VAN mailbox once you have provided us with this information. VAN mailboxes are secure and private networks where all of your EDI messages will be transmitted and received – they operate in a very similar manner to an email environment. Check out our EDI glossary for more information on how VAN mailboxes work.

Whether you use Netix One or Netix Flow, it’s crucial that your EDI solution supports Homebase’s chosen EDI standard, Tradacoms, to facilitate the exchange of various EDI message types through the VAN mailbox. However, with Netix, you have the ability to adopt and translate to multiple different EDI standards, allowing you to connect with all your trading partners in one solution.


The common messages we set up to trade with Homebase:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Debit Notes

Netix diagram for connecting to Homebase

Homebase is just one of the many trading partners that we have created and deployed pre-configured EDI maps. Our pre-built connections mean you don’t have to wait, we can begin connecting you to Homebase quicker and easier than ever.

The testing stage will start after we have all the necessary data and have configured your connection. Be assured that our dedicated installation team will diligently validate and test your agreed-upon EDI messages on your behalf while collaborating with the Homebase EDI team. Their knowledge guarantees that your Netix system runs exactly as intended, giving you a seamless and dependable EDI setup. Homebase usually asks to replicate two products for the purpose of testing the various EDI messages.

We aim to foster a sense of assurance in the achievement of your goals. Prior to transitioning your system for its live operation, we will coordinate a series of training days designed for your entire team who will be utilising Netix. These training sessions have been carefully developed to provide comprehensive guidance and are customised to ensure that your staff feels completely comfortable and equipped with all the essential tools to make the most of Netix.

We’ll set a date for your system to “go live” after testing and training sessions are finished. After that, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to start trading with Homebase via EDI. Our customer support professionals will get in touch with you to identify themselves as your future point of contact. We have a choice of support options to meet your needs, but our team is always available to answer any inquiries or handle any problems you might encounter.


Benefits of connecting to Homebase using Netix:

  • Eliminate the need for paper documents, reducing administrative burden and storage costs.
  • Trade electronically by ensuring compliance with Homebase’s requirements and industry standards.
  • Netix is designed to scale alongside you, meaning you can increase your transaction volumes and connect your future trading partners to this single comprehensive solution.
  • Netix and EDI accelerate transaction processing, leading to quicker order fulfilment, payments, and response times.

Check out our connection process with Sainsbury’s, B&Q, Wilko, Poundland and more.


Why you should choose Cegedim e-business

Acknowledging the potential complexities often associated with the EDI process, our commitment lies in simplifying digital trading for your convenience. A designated Netix specialist, attuned to the unique requirements of your enterprise, will be by your side. Armed with industry knowledge and expertise, their role encompasses ushering you through a seamless onboarding experience, culminating in proficient trading through EDI with Homebase.

We understand the constant evolution of the business landscape and the ever-shifting dynamics of your trading environment. We structured our pricing model in recognition of this, ensuring scalability and future readiness. It readily accommodates the unfolding of your needs and the possibility of adjustments to Homebase’s EDI requirements.

Recent trends have highlighted notable alterations undertaken by significant supermarkets and retailers to strengthen their EDI processes. In the event of Homebase soliciting modifications to your connection, whether involving the EDI standard employed or the incorporation of additional message types like Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), our pricing framework alleviates the financial burden of extra development costs associated with rewriting your connection.

If you’re ready to start trading via EDI with Homebase, we’re here to offer advice and tailored solutions to suit your business. Waste no time; reach out today, and together, let’s start this transformative journey.

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