Rapid EDI Deployment

We aimed to challenge the industry standard by making EDI implementation easy. We have compiled our most commonly requested retailers to create a unique package that enables businesses in the retail sector to connect with their trading partners rapidly.

How we make it so easy to implement EDI

With the industry average for EDI implementation being around 6-18 weeks, you can’t afford to lose out on contracts simply because of lead times. When you start inquiring about an EDI solution, you need it up and running as soon as possible. That’s why we’ve developed our offering for rapid EDI deployment, providing a quick resolution to adopting a new EDI system in as little as three weeks!

Whether your trading partner uses EDIFACT or Tradacoms, we use pre-configured trading partner profiles to simplify the connection to their environment. With standardised EDI message types, you can easily implement orders and invoices with Netix One!

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Connect to trading partners
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Our unified commerce solutions provide EDI functionality. With unlimited user access, businesses can view information from wherever they are, whenever they need it.


We use pre-configured trading partner profiles to connect organisations – our method helps to get new customers up and running quickly, to start harnessing the benefits of EDI straight away.

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Netix is hosted at a secure datacentre which is certified for processing sensitive financial information. The environment is fully protected and conforms to the latest data protection legislation.


Netix is hosted at a secure datacentre which is certified for processing sensitive financial information. The environment is fully protected and conforms to the latest data protection legislation.

Simplifying EDI deployment

Streamlining testing with dummy data:

We make the process really simple, with as little interaction with trading partners as possible to speed up the process. Using dummy data, our Installers can test the connection to ensure your solution is configured.

Pre-recorded training:

Upon your go-live date, we’ll provide your team with an online tutorial of how to use the Netix One platform, that you can revisit any time you need. The training video gives you a full tour of Netix One learning everything from dashboard overview, data usage to the document summary.

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Order received

As soon as an order enters the business, we work quickly to advance it through our pipeline. Our salespeople make the process as easy as possible by providing our Delivery Team with detailed information about your requirements.


Gathering trading partner data

To configure your new Netix solution, our Project Team will contact you to understand who are the relevant stakeholders involved in this EDI project and collate the supplier/account codes. Additionally, they will provide accurate timescales for your project.


We start to build your Netix solution!

At this stage, our Installers will customise a pre-built Netix One solution with all your trading requirements.


Simulating EDI message exchanges

Using dummy data, our Installers test your specific EDI message types without necessitating any involvement from the other end.


Netix One is ready for testing!

We hand over your new Netix One, EDI solution to test the product and ensure that everything is configured to your requirements. With this, the Installs team will provide a pre-recorded training video to help you along the way.


Handing you over to support

At this stage, the Installer will hand you over to the Support Team, they will be able to help you with any queries you may have.


An EDI solution with the ability to grow

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Our goal is to enable businesses to harness EDI almost immediately. However, we understand that as your trading network expands and your requirements change, you need a solution that can accommodate growth. Not to worry, Netix is a scalable solution that gives your business the possibility to expand your solution in the future. There’s no need to scope out a new solution for your ever-changing needs. You can stick to a reliable and robust platform!

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