Simplify your data transfers by implementing an integrated EDI platform

What is EDI integration?

EDI integration refers to the seamless transfer of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information between a company’s trading partners and its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

It involves the harmonious connection and synchronisation of data, allowing for efficient and automated exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices, amongst others. The integration process ensures that EDI information flows seamlessly into the company’s ERP, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors or delays.

EDI integration empowers your business with these benefits:

  • Increase efficiencies within data processing
  • Reduce manual data entry and human errors
  • Centralise your EDI data onto a single platform
  • Increase end-to-end visibility of your EDI data

Changing the definition of EDI

Traditional EDI integration has always been about file conversion. Your EDI provider translates your EDI message into a format of that used by your ERP, WMS, ecommerce, or accounting system, presenting you with the file to import.

We go beyond traditional integration methods. Netix Flow uses a modular approach integration to truly embedded and link into a modern system, whilst automating key processes. Our approach to integration unifies your systems to empower your business with end-to-end visibility.

Experience unparalleled control and visibility by syncing your EDI & business data

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Accurate data updated in real-time will allow you to make data driven decisions with confidence.


Netix was designed to grow with your business – we use pre-configured trading profiles to enable our customers to quickly expand their eco-system.

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Our fixed pricing structure is a future-proof model, incorporating message changes dictated by your trading partner to enable your business to grow without extra development costs.


Using a modular approach to integration, Netix Flow can easily change or upgrade connected systems without developmental costs.

A modular approach to integration offers businesses a cost-effective solution

Netix Flow is an innovative EDI integrated solution that transforms the way businesses approach integration. With its modular approach, Netix Flow empowers users to pick and choose the components they need at any given time, providing unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. For instance, companies can start by using only the essential message types, such as Orders and invoices, creating a streamlined and affordable system.

An advantage of Netix Flow is the product’s ability to seamlessly incorporate additional EDI message types without requiring the redevelopment of existing maps used within the entire trading network. Unlike traditional EDI systems that necessitate costly system reconfiguration and development rewrites, Netix Flow allows users to add or change EDI messages without disrupting the entire system.

This modular approach translates into significant savings for businesses as they only pay for the specific changes they require, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

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APIs, a better way to connect

A list of various ERP systems including Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage X3, SAP Business One, Oracle, Unleashed, Xero, Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Magento, and Quickbooks.

Netix Flow uses API connectors for seamless integration into your accounting, WMS, ERP, or ecommerce system. Enabling information to flow automatically and directly between multiple systems; allowing you to exchange orders, invoices, inventory reports, delivery notes and much more.

Currently we can integrate into over 70 different systems. Including SAP, Sage, Oracle, NetSuite, Unleashed, Xero, and Quickbooks.

If you use a different solution that’s not an issue, we actively want to grow our ERP base to support customers. Whichever solution you use, our in-house experts can advise on integration and manage the whole process of testing and updating your connected system.

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Experience true end-to-end connectivity

Netix Flow enables businesses to process their information flows through a unified cloud-based platform. With effortless integration, your business can automate key processes.

  • Multi-user login – enabling cross-business activity across all departments
  • Easy access – login from any device connected to the internet
  • Real-time data – access to business-critical data at the touch of a button
  • Translate and transmit all message-types from your trading partners
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We integrate with over 70 systems

Take a look at our most common ERP. stock management, and accounting systems

SAP ERP Integration

We offer a simplified approach to integrating SAP solutions with other systems in the enterprise by allowing customers to deliver integration faster with a greater scalability. We have extensive expertise in SAP integration, and a deep understanding of iDoc interface/ALE.

Sage Integration

Connect to Sage 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1000. Our Sage Integration delivers directly into your company’s Sage program. A seamless link is created with Sage to securely connect to our cloud platform. We deliver greater functionality with less cost and greater efficiency than traditional EDI software.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

With our direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we make integration straightforward and easy to deploy. Enabling businesses to easily exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices and other required documents.

Discover Microsoft 365 BC EDI integration

SAP B1 Integration

Our SAP Business One connector, you can quickly add new trading partners and easily scale for the future growth of your business. Our integrations allows your business to gain immediate access to more than 1,200 prebuilt connections to leading retailers, grocers and distributors.

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Oracle E-Business Suite Integration

Connect to your Oracle E-Business suite to create a universal B2B connection with your trading partners – automating end-to-end integration with suppliers, customers, warehouses and more. Exchange orders, shipping notes, invoices, warehouse shipments and other Oracle native Transaction Interface Files (TIF).

NetSuite Integration

Integrate NetSuite ERP with our EDI platform to connect your entire trading community. By leveraging our integrated EDI platform with NetSuite, you can connect to the leading web-based EDI platform and seamlessly integrate important order and invoice information from trading partners while eliminating costly keying errors.

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Unleashed Integration

Unleashed provide powerful online inventory management software and expert support. We can directly integrate with Unleashed, creating a seamless link between your inventory software and your EDI system. Gain ease-of-access to all your most crucial business information from one easy-to-use, online platform.

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Xero Integration

Xero provides a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you manage all your mundane but essential bookeeping tasks. Xero’s software allows you to automate bank transactions, imports and payments, while their app allows you to view important information and run your business from anywhere.

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Implementation made easy

We want to make installation an easy process for our customers, relieving you of the burden of maintaining internal systems.

We manage the installation of your trading partner environment and test the processes from end to end. During the switchover period, we can provide project management and scenario testing to minimise the risk of interruption to your operations.

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